Peter Buffett

New Website Coming Soon

If you like the new page that greets your visit to, then you’re in for a treat! I’m happy to report that my website is getting a fresh look, coming soon. The new landing page offers a sneak peek at the design that will go site-wide this March.

Local Hudson Valley team Evolving Media Network (they’re in Kingston) is handling the reboot—design, development, and implementation. One of the cooler features will be a custom media player, so you can keep the music playing while you browse. We’re also finding ways to help you flow through my work more easily, making the connections between content types more porous.(Here at we’re in favor of porous borders!)

For me, as an artist, this means my songwriting connects to my blog posts, connects to my radio show, connects to my book and other written works.

It’s like the old folk song “Dem Bones” (a.k.a. The Skeleton Song.) They all connect. It’s one big body of work—and it’s all from my heart.

So stay tuned for the new site and in the meantime, please enjoy my latest collection of music, some past and some present, entitled “Songs in the Current.”

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