Peter Buffett

Three songs given new life

As some of you know, I was fortunate enough to make a wonderful living writing music for commercials, television and film for over 20 years. Life took some curious turns in my 40’s and 50’s and I found myself having more opportunities to write music without it being in service[…]

Open Hearted Hand

“How I got here doesn’t tell me who I am” – Open Hearted Hand What do you believe and why do you believe it? We have been living out of stories that we’re told. Stories we tell ourselves about ourselves… stories history books tell us… the newspapers tell us…. our[…]

Philanthropy Must Lead With Its Heart

By Jennifer and Peter Buffett As Valentine’s Day approaches, we are struck by a paradox that confronts philanthropy. The very meaning of the word philanthropy is “love of humanity”—yet the concept of love is almost never discussed in our sector. In the race for philanthropic impact, we’ve got our heads[…]

Poison The River

“Let’s all swim upstream…” Metaphorically, this is the issue of the day. For millennia, the downstream effects of the upstream behavior were never seen. Whether it’s in social, economic, political or environmental terms, most people went blindly about their business without seeing the full ramifications of what they were doing.[…]


I’m no genetics expert, but it appears that we have a moral mutation running through society. At this stage, it’s no one’s fault, but it’s everyone’s problem. There’s a fallacy that with each generation we become smarter. We are amazed by invention. But the Industrial Revolution and the machinery it[…]

Oh Really? Prove It.

Why do humans need to prove they’re right? In some parts of the world the competition for “the right way to do things” is reflected in economic policies – other places, religious views – others, the political arena. And, of course, it’s usually varying combinations of all three. Nearly everywhere[…]

Time and the Machine

In my last column, I wrote about the strong feeling of Indigenous Culture I experienced in China. I would like to describe what I think that Indigenous quality is in any person from anywhere – and what has been done to disturb it. As I know it, being “Indian” –[…]

An Open Letter to Fathers

How will you feel today? Grateful? Loved? Happy? Remorseful? Guilty? Sad? Proud? Relieved? Each father has his story to tell. The complexities of family life lead to unspoken dynamics that play out in innumerable ways. No father is perfect. But every father wants his child to lead a happy, fulfilled[…]


Intuition is a sense. Just like sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch. Because it doesn’t reside in an obvious organ, this idea can easily be dismissed. But who hasn’t said “I had a feeling” or “I knew it!”? And – like many sayings – women’s intuition is also stronger. It[…]

The Chinese Dream – Riding In on The Year of The Horse

On my very first trip to China in 2008, I was quite surprised at what I experienced. Of course there is much to see in a new culture. Many things seem exotic and strange – the architecture, the food…the customs and language. But I was surprised because what I saw[…]