Peter Buffett

New Website Coming Soon

If you like the new page that greets your visit to, then you’re in for a treat! I’m happy to report that my website is getting a fresh look, coming soon. The new landing page offers a sneak peek at the design that will go site-wide this March. Local[…]

What’s Next – 1.14.17

Actor Tim Guinee joins Peter and Jimmy this week; talking active democracy and the recent declaration of the city of Kingston, NY, as a sanctuary city. Also this episode, Aaron Tanaka, of the Center for Economic Democracy – CED , is along for a robust discussion about building a new[…]

What’s Next – 1.7.17

This episode features Drew Bryant – Drew Energy – a boots-on-ground force for change at the Center for Creative Education. Arts with a purpose! Also this week it’s the state of journalism with recent New York Daily News editor in chief Jim Rich. Listen to the compelling conversation in it’s[…]

What’s Next – 12.31.16

In case you missed it – Tune in as Holly Wood, self-described radical feminist in the pocket of Big Karma and official spokesperson for the Council for Human Decency, joins Peter and Jimmy Buff for a compelling look back at 2016 and look forward to 2017. Listen to the conversation[…]

What’s Next – 12.24.16

Tune in to this robust conversation with David Bollier about the concept of the Commons – durable, dynamic sets of social relationships for managing resources: digital, urban, natural, indigenous, rural, cultural, and scientific, to use some crude categories. Listen to the discussion in it’s entirety here:What’s Next with Peter[…]

What’s Next – 12.17.16

Peter talks with Dr. Nadine Burke Harris, of the Center for Youth Wellness, about how childhood trauma can lead to poor physical health later in life. Harris discusses the Adverse Childhood Experiences Study and what people can do to deal with the effects of trauma suffered as a child. Tune[…]

What’s Next – 12.10.16

This episode it’s Michael Brune, Executive Director of the Sierra Club, talking about recent environmental successes like Standing Rock, as well as about the dire situation with the incoming administrations stated desire to roll back the progress already made in the fight against climate change. Also joining Peter this week[…]

What’s Next – 11.26.16

Tune in as Peter speaks with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. of the Waterkeeper Alliance and Riverkeeper. Kennedy gives us a first person account of the situation at Standing Rock Indian Reservation. Also joining Peter this week, Donovan Woollard of RADIUS, to talk about their innovative approach to change. Tune in[…]

What’s Next – 11.19.16

This week’s show is a conversation with Alfa Demmellash of Rising Tide Capital – a non-profit organization whose mission is to assist struggling individuals and communities to build strong businesses which transform lives, strengthen families, and build sustainable communities. Click here for the full episode: What’s Next with Peter Buffett