Peter Buffett

Spirit the Seventh FireSpirit the Seventh Fire

Spirit – The Seventh Fire celebrates and honors the rich culture of this Nation’s first people through Native American music, dance, regalia and song.

Employing universal motifs and themes, Spirit – The Seventh Fire‘s story is told through live concert, contemporary and traditional music, epic film including National Geographic Imax footage, spectacular Native dance and traditional heart-pumping Native drum group performances. The Omaha World-Herald has proclaimed Spirit “… poignant, sad, uplifting, thrilling and powerful.”

Spirit – The Seventh Fire tells the dramatic story of one man’s journey to find a balance between the culture in which he exists, driven by the “American Dream,” and his roots, rich in heritage, tradition and connected to the natural world. It is a journey of self-discovery that renews within him the mystery, beauty and spirit of his ancestors and brings him to a magical place where his past meets his present.







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