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Take the reins of your destiny and live your life to the fullest.

In 2010 I published a New York Times bestselling book, Life Is What You Make It. To bring the message of my book to life, I created “A Concert & Conversation” - a performance with me on piano and my dear friend Michael Kott on cello. We've staged the show at colleges and community foundations around the world for the better part of a decade and still the ideas that we are sharing seem to become more relevant every day.


The performance features projected video clips from my film, television, and philanthropic work as it traces the evolution of my career and mission.

I share candid stories about lessons learned growing up with my parents and siblings, my experience composing the "fire dance" scene in Dances With Wolves, and a lot of mistakes that I've made in my journey.

My hope is that you will find, as I have..

..that one's values and what we are able to give back to society is what ultimately shapes and defines us as people.

We all have the opportunity for meaningful, caring impact in this world and I hope to help inspire your path by sharing parts of my own.

Some topics that I explore in trying to do this include:

  • Concepts of privilege and that real wealth is found in a loving and nurturing family and community.
  • The mystery of vocation-the pursuit of one's true calling will seldom be a straight path; don't be deterred if there are doubts, false starts, crises, and blunders.
  • Once you find your bliss; explore the best way to pursue it.
  • The gentle art of giving back-such as teaching, mentoring, and directing your work towards a common good.
  • Insightful lessons learned from both of my parents.

Peter Buffett talks about A Concert & Conversation

Select Moments from A Concert & Conversation with Peter Buffett

“Peter Buffett’s Concert & Conversation was a fascinating evening, combining exceptional musicianship with powerful storytelling in a way that truly engages the audience. His is an authentic voice and his message is one that resonates with us all.”

— Morton Schapiro, President and Professor, Northwestern University

“People are often limited by expectations about their own lives and their presupposition about others. Peter Buffett’s humanity turns those limits and presuppositions upside down. We held a conference for nearly five hundred people to imagine and implement the New Economy, and Peter performed for us on the peak evening. His courage and candor, his humor and his humility infused the evening — through both his stories and his mesmerizingly powerful music. We all left with admiration for his passion, appreciation for his honesty, and a sense of liberation to apply our own most deeply held values to our personal and communal work. Thank you, Peter”

— Bob Massie, President, New Economics Institute

The evening Peter Buffett spent in our community was an unforgettable way to launch our month long celebration of philanthropy. Peter’s performance left our audience buzzing. Through his music, thoughts and visual images he shared a story of family, humility and hope. It was a delight to have the opportunity to work with Peter and his team!

— Andrea Dicks, Executive Director, Community Foundation of Greater Peterborough

“When key Music Row leaders in Nashville assembled for Peter Buffett’s Concert & Conversation program, we were treated to a compelling, inspiring and entertaining experience. Our guests were fascinated to learn about Peter’s childhood, his fascinating music career, and the powerful efforts of the NoVo Foundation in helping and empowering women and girls. This thought-provoking, multi-media event received rave reviews from our attendees!”

— Lisa Harless, Private Wealth Manager, Entertainment & Sports Division, Regions Bank

“Peter’s show is unlike any other. Through music and conversation, Peter inspires us to do more. It is an evocative journey through his own life that, in the end, provides audience members with important insights about their own journeys. While many might think that they could not relate to the son of such a wealthy and famous man, Peter’s messages transcend class and social structures awakening our inner most desire to give.”

— Allison Kouzovnikov, Executive Director, Community Foundation of Nova Scotia

With humility and candor Peter took us on an intimate journey of his life and his impressive philanthropic work with women and girls. His profound storytelling and meaningful music left us deeply moved and inspired. A truly spiritual man who uses ‘his gift of music to be the voice of those who don’t have a voice.’ Peter gave us an evening of uncommon depth. It was magical!”

— Shirley Moulton, President, The ACADEMi of LIfe

How to Book a Performance

If you’re interested in hosting us for a concert & conversation, please contact me.

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About the Book

In short, this is a book about values — about the convictions and intuitions that define what’s worth doing during our brief stay on Earth, about the actions and attitudes that will add up to a well-lived life. Economic prosperity may come and go; that’s just how it is. But values are the steady currency that earn us the all-important rewards of self-respect and peace of mind.

Bill and Melinda Gates

"Knowing and admiring Peter as we do, Life is What You Make It captures his spirit, passion, and values beautifully. As parents, it's the kind of dialogue about our life's purpose and opportunity we're having with our children. We will have everyone in our family read and discuss Life Is What You Make It."

Gloria Steinem

"Life is What You Make It is the ultimate book of commonsense -- except it isn't common. Because Peter Buffett could have had a derived identity and chose not to, he has power and credibility when he tells us how to find a unique self by doing what we love. I can't imagine anyone who wouldn't benefit from this spirited, wise, and friendly book."

Bill Clinton

“Peter Buffett has given us a wise and inspiring book that should be required reading for every young person seeking to find his or her place in the world, and for every family hoping to give its daughters and sons the best possible start in life.”