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Nobody can save your soul

And you can't buy a life with gold
So take another look at what you hold

A million ways to numb the pain
And friends to help you place the blame
In all the years the roles have stayed the same

Take your time
You will find
There's a place called home for you

And when you feel
A love that's real
No more change in course for you

All the things you carried here
You can stop and bury here
All your tears will wash into the sea

There's always a reason why
And always another side
So you'll just pick one more fight
It's all you can do

You don't want to shake my hand
Or think that you'd understand
You'd rather destroy this man
Than bend with the truth

I want to see your face
Then we can share this place
I know there's room enough for you

So where's the dividing line?
Who gets to decide what's mine?
Can nobody win this time?
Can no one be fooled, please?

Take everything you're told
And throw it all away
Then fly a little higher
And feel what words can't say
Can we drop the charges now?
And lay our defenses down
The casings for one more round
Can just turn to rust

And no more imagining
Let's wake up and live his dream
Breaking the chains we bring
And learning to trust

All you will ever know
Is just what your heart can show
No one can tell you more
Than you already know