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I Won’t Let Go

This is a song about safety. From the moment we’re born we rely on someone else… for our very survival. I believe that safety is the most elemental component in a relationship. It’s what we needed first – and what continues to be necessary in order to grow into who we are. Safety gives us a bed to sleep in at night – and animates us during the day. Allowing us to live with our hearts open.

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Magic Words

I believe that words can change the world. On a personal level, when we say, “I hear you” or “I’m sorry” worlds can change. And inspirational or visionary words by leaders like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. or Mahatma Gandhi have changed the course of history. In the world we live in now, it may be that the collective words of millions will shape the future.

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How Would You Know?

The Truth. Where is it? How do we find it? How do we know it? I wrote this song as yet another plea for questioning and answering. And when I was finished, I thought that it could use some sound bites. I’ve always loved to put together sound collages. My favorite is the Urban Overture from Spirit – The Seventh Fire. In it, I tried to create the sound of America going from what I called “analogue invention to digital consumerism”.

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Room Enough

This is a song about finding common ground. And the idea that if we start from the inside out – and from our very earliest memories of how we thought the world was put together, we’d probably find such a similarity in feelings that we’d be surprised and saddened at how divisive we’ve become.

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This is a song about transformation. While that may not be readily apparent by listening, it’s the story behind it that explains why this is so. I grew up in a house with an upright piano. As soon as I could stand tall enough to reach the keys, I would bang out expressions. Thunder on the low keys… rain on top. Soon these turned into little melodies. Or I would use the keyboard to try and decipher the mystery behind what made a good song so good.

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The Skin We’re In

Here’s what I believe on Christmas and every other day of the year. That Jesus was saying that the power of God is within you. That we all are reflections of and are at the same time – emanating -God. Just like everything around us. And then someone sees the power of that and puts up a tollbooth.

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