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I Won’t Let Go

This is a song about safety.

From the moment we’re born we rely on someone else… for our very survival.

I believe that safety is the most elemental component in a relationship. It’s what we needed first – and what continues to be necessary in order to grow into who we are.

Safety gives us a bed to sleep in at night – and animates us during the day. Allowing us to live with our hearts open.

And it comes in many forms.

From knowing we’re going to eat (at least 17 million children in the US don’t know where their next meal will come from – and 17,000 children die of starvation every day worldwide).

To knowing we’ll be safe from physical and/or emotional abuse (the numbers regarding how many people are subjected to abuse in its many forms – and its effects – are staggering).

To simply feeling heard… knowing that your thoughts and feelings matter. Knowing that someone will always be there. Comforting to say the least.

The song’s ending may surprise you. Think of it as letting go… a “trust fall”. I remember doing that with my dad as a kid. Falling backward… believing he would catch me (he did!). The song “lets go” knowing that there’s someone there.